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Retreat: "Be In Balance"

I know retreating makes sense and I'd like to share my feelings about it:

First of all, and very important, you can do this all by yourself. You really don't have to be an adventurer (star). You go to a beautiful, natural and safe environment, with a fixed program, food, drinks and free time. You are in real contact with others who are here with the same questions, concerns and issues. Social media that almost doesn't exist this week. Precisely more free time, which you can only spend by enjoying nature with unknown like-minded people, having breakfast and sharing knowledge. You hear life stories that can inspire and "wake up" or move you. Chances are that you will meet new friends for the rest of your life, just like me at your retreat.

You have real contact with the surroundings. Fields full of yellow flowering lentil plants, red poppy fields, blue lakes, rivers and mountain streams. And in autumn, of course, the beautiful red, orange and brown colours of the trees.

This overwhelming natural beauty and the favourable weather conditions make this region very suitable for outdoor activities, hiking, meditation and workshops such as intuitive painting and ceramics.

An unfamiliar territory that will delight all your senses.

You meet yourself (again), you get in balance and together we take up the challenge to keep it that way by means of practical tips. The rapidly changing daily reality is sometimes overwhelming and you feel yourself more and more. You can leave habits, obligations or painful ways of thinking or feelings of guilt at home.

Because this retreat revolves around you, you get a lot of time, which you otherwise used for others... Because of this you can give new meaning to the time that has become available and experience what it is like to be bored, to laze, walk or meditate. Be busy in a creative way if you want to. If at the beginning of the week you feel the temptation to prioritise habits, which are sometimes persistent, I will be there to coach you privately, give you a relaxing massage to bring you back to rest...

You don't have to do anything. Everything is allowed and you don't have to do anything. An ideal place to put your life into a relaxing gear.On your way to a life on the Happinezz mania... You're gonna invest in your own Happinezz... A retreat is literally and figuratively an investment and can be expensive.Maybe you first need to save or you need to use your savings account, but in my experience and that of the people who have gone before you: you come back to your world happier and "liberated & awake".

More in connection with yourself, in contact with others. In body, mind and soul you now recognize yourself and the space for inspiration and creativity has arisen. You now know how to stay in balance and live 'the Happinezz-life'.

Fully energetically balanced

When we are fully energetically balanced, we speak of health, health on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. These are our bodies that work together and ensure that we are happy and full of zest for life.

If we are out of balance then we do not feel happy, we are tired or sick or worse we no longer have a zest for life. If we feel this way we go to a doctor, specialist or psychologist or a coach. They can help us or support us with medication, chemical or surgery. Nowadays we can also be helped with conversations.

If we take a deeper look inside ourselves to see why it is, the symptoms may disappear, we will feel good for a while. Still, there is usually a relapse. We are often not aware of the energy that leaks away, as we call it. This can be due to our way of thinking that is difficult to change, due to circumstances, such as deadlines at work or a family member who is always on your neck. A remark can completely unbalance you.

Worrying about your children, your relationship, the bills... you name it. Nowadays there is enough to worry about and then there are the unconscious things that take you out of balance. Your energy level goes down and the moment you "vibrate lower (low energy vibration) your system will have to work hard to get the energy level back into balance. With all its consequences.

Being out of balance energetically for a long time causes illnesses to have free rein.

You have minor physical symptoms, or major... headaches, stiff neck, you're tired and irritable. You're sad... loss or divorce. You have low back pains or you think "what am I doing it all for anyway".. It could even have gotten to the point where you're burnout or bore-out. You're getting blacker and blacker or more depressed,

In the depths there is the power we are about to rediscover. Your energetic balance we're going to give it a boost.


You just want to live and enjoy it right now! Not being able to say no and feeling guilty, being happy, always going on and on... You have to be a very strong person to be able to keep that up. You just get tired of it! Bearing the sadness of rejection, humiliation and the disappointment in and of life... That's what you need strength for. You just don't have the energy for it at some point.

We're going to rebuild your energy dart and you're going: to learn to maintain it.

I will do this in a playful way that will bring you back to yourself and completely in balance.

Why you want to choose for a retreat-bootcamp:

A retreat is a seclusion for spiritual, mental or emotional self-examination and various exercises and challenges. A suitable environment can be a monastery or a specially established retreat centre in nature. A retreat often offers the opportunity to meditate intensively for a number of days in a group with the help of a leader and much more.

Retraite-boot camp can that go together?

My experience is YES... from my work as a coach I have experienced over the years that this combination works very well. Just out of your "familiar" environment, in nature make contact with yourself again. Putting all the dots on the i's in your own way. Away from the pressure and hustle and bustle. In an environment that can make you feel that it's right.

The Boot Camp from coaching perspective.

So this could be described as an easy to follow, but intensive and especially interactive workshop on how to get back to basics. The dialogue with yourself and the environment and working with natural materials stimulates you mentally and physically as well as emotionally. With a coaching bootcamp you get in motion to yourself, so to others.

The Retraite vanuit coaching perspective.

A retreat is temporarily withdrawing yourself from everyday life This retreat for the purpose of spiritual deepening. These used to be monastic retreats, in which someone felt the need to reflect on a far-reaching event in his life. Now retreats are held in nature. Not being accessible with modern means of communication has a purifying effect. With a coach as guidance you do not only have to live through the reflection, support is always there for you.

WHAT we are going TO DO

Coaching & Guiding Bio Massages Working with ceramics (workshop)

Feel life & experience self-love Experiencing freedom Learn tools to get back in balance

Silent walk Discover Assisi Italian cooking class

To learn living the "Happinezz-Life"

Be In Balance Retraite - Bootcamp to learn living the Happinezz-way

Being in balance, keeping your energy on arrow, feeling good and healthy. That is something, in these times of stress, our own created rat race with all our responsibilities. That's why during this retreat bootcamp you will learn everything about how to get in balance and above all, how to stay in balance. You can live the Happinezz-life

Will you give yourself a retreat as a gift... Good plan. Come to Italy on September 29nd and become yourself again.

Transformation... ...not by having to change something about yourself, but... by feeling your essence again.

Living in balance and to be truly happy and healthy. Is that what you want, then... feel welcome."

"Living awake and the Hapinezz-way-of-living"

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