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The "new being happy out of gratitude"  

In this "weird" time of what are we allowed, what are we not allowed... what is obligatory to do and above all what is forbidden. All new rules you have to comply with. Not being able to see what's coming at you when it comes to your health, dealing with each other differently.

In the times of Lockdown many people have been confronted with fear, anger, being alone, loneliness, sadness and loss in one way or another. What to do next. Become mentally stronger again to be able to oversee and integrate the "new different" as normal. How was it, how did it go, what was normal is now over. What is the norm now?


Physically, you may have been "attacked and now you can say, "I survived." You've been scared, your life was hanging by a thread, but you made it. You were alone, at home or in the hospital, maybe in intensive care... It could also be that you lost someone, who died, a loved one, a friend, the neighbour or the baker where you went to get your bread every day. Bizarre times have been and for many still are. Processing or forgetting...


Mentally, a lot has also changed for many people. Will the time of "before Corona" ever come back?! It will take a while before we can say "oh, we've had it" again! Our thinker has not stood still, the power has been taken out of our hands, there was thought for us and above all, there was decided for us. Just when we are so used to making our own choices. The new thinking, from "I may be myself now" to "freedom is a choice".

There wasn't much to choose, you sat at home, alone or with your family, your work went on if you could do it online. Maybe you had to go out to work... Fatherhood and motherhood took on a pre-war color again. We took care of our children ourselves even though the work went on. We couldn't ask our grandmothers for advice on how they used to do it. They were locked inside, they could wave... We did it in our own way, all right anyway, we thought...

Children around us, all day long, busy, 24 hours upbringing, helping with school homework. The father's idem ditto, yet beautiful that fatherhood and motherhood completely 'feel', has a beautiful golden edge, there are for your kids ... always, in those few square feet. Our children who now, according to the scientists, have a huge backlog, no school, no knowledge. have had to endure the social impoverishment... no boyfriends have seen just the brothers or sisters or just the dog, cat or their marmot. The TV was perhaps their greatest friend, support and support and to grandma & grandpa we were allowed to wave or talk to them on the computer.


How did it feel to be afraid of an invisible enemy, who could take everything away, change everything. Or have you kept away from your feelings all these weeks. How did the home situation feel? You were alone, or with your partner, how did it go? For some it was the ultimate test, for others it was a breakup... Luckily, there are some couples who've grown closer. who've been able to change their world, drastically, and now go for it to stay that way. More time for each other, and for the kids. How are our children doing, do they understand everything, do they feel everything? At least they have seen a lot and heard a lot and how!

How are they doing now?

How do you feel when you get out now, knowing the danger hasn't gone away. Give your friends a hug or is the bubble not "safe" enough. How is it now to be alone, with yourself no activities that could keep you from feeling feelings you don't want to feel, maybe not for a long time. Are you going to go back to work or are you going to make the choice of "I can be myself again" and have you stayed the same? Have you decided to continue on the same footing or... ...are there going to be the changes you choose to make now with heart and soul... because you've experienced it or felt it?

And Me

Once again I have chosen to continue to live in freedom.My own heart to follow what I did before the "unseen monster appeared." I've continued to coach and not just through Skype and other media. I continued to visit the children in their safe environment. I got tested to let the kids and the parents know, "Look, I'm okay."

My motivation was and still is, Gratitude. I was and still am happy to be healthy. I trust my body, I trust my thinker and my inner child kept jumping rope in the park. I eat healthy and take care of energetic balance in all my bodies and ... drink enough water.

...Go with the flow...

Become yourself now after Covid 19... in gratitude

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