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Stranger to myself 

I've felt different my whole life. Different from other people. I felt it as a little girl, but I didn't know how to explain it then. My experience of this world seems so different from how the people around me experience it. It is a feeling that is difficult to describe. Like I'm from another planet. I even talked and healed with animals, explain how that is possible and especially why?  

I hoped it would change just like my parents. My sister is so earthy, so different from me and yet the same. Difficult to describe because it's about feeling. 

My vision of this earthly life, the experiences I have had, how I experience contact, what satisfies me, the degree of sensitivity to what is happening around me, what I find important... The separate diseases I have had, different from other children. I reacted in the opposite way to medication, I sometimes wanted to go into a forest all alone for rest and on the other hand I was terrified of what might happen. It's also how I do things. It all seems a little impulsive, yet there's a way of thinking about it. Invisible to others, I don't talk about it, and it goes crazy in my head. I certainly didn't have a lot of migraines and bowel problems.

It seems as if I am on a different wavelength

My intuition was (later on) clouded by the enormous feeling of other people. I felt their need for things and then reacted with solution-focused actions. Good for them, but for me often with dramatic consequences because I withdrew from their situation. Therefore, the decisions and actions often seemed immature, not thought through, sometimes idiotic. You can diagnose them, or try to disprove them. Cheering it on, or not understanding it. It doesn't matter much and didn't change the situation. However, I felt a lot of real connection with people and animals in general.

After all, there are very few people who seemed to really understand me. Who are open to my train of thought, and can follow it. Real friends accept me and accept my visionary view of life. The smile that is always on my face feels really now and I enjoy my life, now I do.

Because...I came out of this "way of doing things" in my life. Now I know that I am different and that this is called HSP. Highly sensitive person. I have worked on it and read about it, in time I started to study it Now I can use it in my work, feel the children and adults and so feel their deepest pain. to be able to guide others on their "way".

In spite of my feeling of being different, I want to express what is inside me. Sharing what occupies me. I have a vision. I don't call myself different now, I call myself unique now. I would like to share that with others so that they too feel unique and can live with more Happinezz.


I really believe that we are all here on earth for a reason. That reason makes that whatever crossed my path in life, I am a convinced positivist. Not only because it works, but also because I feel it is necessary.

Not everyone will ever be able to understand or feel me the way I (feel) it. That is just reality and that is. This sometimes makes me feel lonely and misunderstood. That is also what is allowed, I have accepted that with hole my heart. And yes, I also know that there are of course people who understand what I am talking about. The like-minded ones who also have intense experiences and visionary beliefs. There are many of us already and by working with people and being able to guide them to themselves, more and more like-minded people join us and the loneliness diminishes. 

How cool is that

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